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2009 SEPA Synod Assembly

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Assembly supports proposed ELCA ministry changes

Update: Assembly passes resolution of support for ELCA proposed ministry changes and social statement on sexuality. Resolution asks ELCA to develop resources for congregations to support publicly accountable same-gender relationships. sepasynodResolution also asks for procedures to restore to the roster or candidacy persons precluded by the existing rules.

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Assembly defeats resolution requesting two-thirds majority on rostering proposal

In a 242 to 202 vote, the 2009 Southeastern Pennsylvania Synod Assembly defeated a resolution that would have requested that the ELCA Church Council add the provision requiring a two-thirds vote at the 2009 Churchwide Assembly regarding any motion to change the practice for rostering of ordained ministers, diaconal ministers, associates in ministry, and deaconesses. […]

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Support for disaster response, multicultural leadership

A resolution was approved to support Lutheran Disaster Response, a nationally recognized organization to bring comfort, healing and renewal to those affected by a variety of disasters.

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God’s work. Our hands.

“I’m convinced from my sense of call and from watching and listening to congregational and synodical leaders that God does have a plan—and that you and I are it!” said David Swartling, Secretary of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and the Churchwide representative to this year’s Southeastern Pennsylvania Synod Assembly.

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Assembly deals with ELCA sexuality actions

In its first reference and counsel report, the Assembly dealt with two memorials related to the ELCA’s upcoming decisions regarding a social statement on human sexuality, and proposed changes that would allow ordination of gay and lesbian persons in committed, monogamous relationships. The Assembly voted to consider (later today) a resolution in support of the […]

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Partnership support drops 4%

Richard Reimet, treasurer of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Synod, presented the audit report on the synod’s finances highlighting the fact that the synod received $116,202 less in partnership support in  the fiscal year ending Jan. 31, 2009 than in the previous year. That’s a four percent decrease in giving. “As treasurer, I don’t like to see […]

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SEPA a ‘Book of Faith Synod’

bof_intro The Twenty-Second Assembly of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Synod voted to become a “Book of Faith” synod committing “to live in and from the Word of God.” The resolution encouraged all congregations to commit to the initiative and become Book of Faith congregations in order to explore new opportunities for engaging the Bible. The voting […]

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‘Together, we are God’s FACE’

“This Assembly will not be business as usual.” In place of many of the usual greetings and reports, the 2009 Assembly was designed to showcase the four strategic directions that emerged from the Synod’s 18 month process of listening to the dreams, passions and ideas of the people.

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Spirited worship starts Assembly

During worship several rostered leaders who are called to special synodical service were installed. Sister Ramona Cecille Daily (Liberty Lutheran) Sister Jane Roper (Manatawny Manor DIAKON) Mr. Richard Frederick, AIM (Bear Creek Camp) The Rev Susan Lang (Synodical Ecumenical Service) The Rev Leslie Richard (Synodical Extraordinary Servce)

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Bishop: God’s plan not a quick fix

“God is using us to build God’s kingdom in this world in a new and energizing way,” and that divine plan can’t be derailed even by financial crisis, Bishop Claire Burkat said in her sermon opening the 2009 Synod Assembly.  

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