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2009 SEPA Synod Assembly

Discussion guide available

picture-6The “facebooklet” used by the faith, action, connecting and equipping circles as part of their Assembly presentations is available for you to download and use in your congregation.

Developed with the assistance of church consultant Kelly Fryer of A Renewal Enterprise, the booklet includes discussion questions that you can use to discern your congregation’s strengths and passions in each of the four directions, notice what God is already doing in and around your church and community, and listen for what God is calling you to do in each of these areas.

The guide also outlines a process by which you can listen, pray, discuss and above all act on what God is calling you to do!

Download facebooklet

about facebooklet

You are being invited to reflect on these four directions and what we have heard God saying to us over this past year. What assets and passions has God given you to work with? What amazing things (wows!) are already happening in your congregation and community that you can be a part of? What needs do you see in your community and in the world that God wants to use you and your congregation to meet?

This “facebooklet” is for you to use as you begin to wrestle with these questions. As you do it, know this:

You are not alone.

God is on the loose in our world, doing stuff in and through you, working miracles in and through your congregation. We are God’s incarnational presence, the very Body of Christ, the hands and feet of our Lord. We are God’s FACE in the world today. Together, we are God’s FACE in Southeastern Pennsylvania.

getting focused

Spend some time answering the first three questions in each direction. These questions are designed to help you see three things:

  1. the assets and gifts God has given to you and/or your congregation in each area,
  2. the amazing things (wows!) already happening in you and/or your congregation in each area, and
  3. the needs that exist in your own life, your congregation, and/or your community.

Then, pray! Ask God to speak to you. Ask God to help you sense what God is calling you and your faith community to do.

Finally, answer the BIG question. And then…do something about it.

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