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2009 SEPA Synod Assembly

‘Hopeful’ budget passed for 2010

The Assembly passed a 2010 budget with an anticipated income of $2,876,000 and anticipated expenses of $3,167,175. The 2010 budget represents a 2% increase over 2009 and an anticipated deficit of $291,175.

“We’re trying to come into the new (economic) reality with the budget,” said Janet Neff, chair of the Finance Committee. “What happened in the 1990s (in regards to giving and investment returns) is not happening in the 2000s.”

“The Finance Committee struggled with increasing the 2010 budget,” Neff said. “We increased it because we are hopeful. We didn’t want to be flat, but are looking forward to two years from now.”

Budget deficits are now currently funded by the Fund for Mission.

Treasurer Dick Reimet reminded the gathering that in 2008 the Assembly authorized a year-end special synodical appeal that brought in $40,000. After passing the 2010 budget, the Assembly authorized another appeal to for 2009 to occur on a date to be decided by the Synod Council.

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