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2009 SEPA Synod Assembly

SEPA a ‘Book of Faith Synod’



The Twenty-Second Assembly of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Synod voted to become a “Book of Faith” synod committing “to live in and from the Word of God.” The resolution encouraged all congregations to commit to the initiative and become Book of Faith congregations in order to explore new opportunities for engaging the Bible. The voting members of the Assembly also agreed to covenant together to participate in regular Bible study and prayer.
The Book of Faith Initiative, encouraging the ELCA to become more fluent in the Scriptures, the first language of faith was passed initially at the ELCA 2007 Churchwide Assembly. Since then, Augsburg Fortress has developed a variety of resources, including a new Lutheran Study Bible and each of the sixty-five synods of the ELCA has appointed Book of Faith advocates.
Pastors Leah Schade and John Kerr, the SEPA Synod advocates, summarized the goals for the initiative: That those participating might more fully experience the power of the Word of God; engage in a Lutheran approach to interpreting Scripture, and engender conversation across the ages and generations.
Schade emphasized that the initiative is not another program or curriculum. Instead it is intended as encouraging the people of God to read the Bible to deepen their faith. Additional information is located at www.bookoffaith.org.
A social media website has been set up at http://bookoffaith.ning.com/ to encourage deeper conversation and Biblical learning throughout the ELCA.  It is hoped that 75% of ELCA congregations will become Book of Faith congregations.

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