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2009 SEPA Synod Assembly

Support for disaster response, multicultural leadership

A resolution was approved to support Lutheran Disaster Response, a nationally recognized organization to bring comfort, healing and renewal to those affected by a variety of disasters.

The resolution grew out of the concern that the ELCA has recently revised funding and taken a diminished leadership role for LDR. It memorializes the 2009 Churchwide Assembly to request that the Church in Society unit create an advisory committee to craft a clear vision, expectation, and requirements of LDR affiliates. It also asks the 2009 Churchwide Assembly to reaffirm its commitment to LDR and its ministry of disaster preparedness and encourage national and local ecumenical conversations to coordinate disaster services.

Resolution passed to usher in the fullness of leadership for all people

Concerned with the endeavor to strengthen efforts to encourage young adults of color to consider a call to public ministry, the Southeastern Pennsylvania passed a resolution focusing on examining racism in the church.  The resolution instructs the bishop to appoint a multi-cultural task force on racism and encourages congregations to study the ELCA Social Statement, “Freed in Christ.”

The resolution also memorializes the ELCA Churchwide Assembly to direct both the Vocation and Education unit in consultation with the Multicultural Ministries program to review factors inhibiting people of color from experiencing the fullness of leadership in the church.

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