God has a plan… We’re it!

2009 SEPA Synod Assembly

‘Together, we are God’s FACE’


“This Assembly will not be business as usual.”

In place of many of the usual greetings and reports, the 2009 Assembly was designed to showcase the four strategic directions that emerged from the Synod’s 18 month process of listening to the dreams, passions and ideas of the people.

Nearly 2,000 people participated in visioning sessions and last fall’s series of “God’s Parties” that visited every conference.  From nearly 6,000 responses, filling nearly 150 pages, four directions emerged.

“Here’s what we think we have heard: God has a plan…and we’re it!” Bishop Burkat told the Assembly.  Through the process we have heard God’s call to focus on four purposes:  Faith formation, putting faith in actions, connecting and communicating with our communities and among our churches, and equipping and developing new leaders and congregations for mission in the 21st Century.

Click to watch video of the Bishop’s remarks.

A circle of leaders, lay and clergy, have gathered to begin praying, planning and acting in each of these four directions.  “But most of what happens in each of these directions will be prayed up, planned, and carried out by your congregation…and by you in your everyday life,” the bishop emphasized.

Congregation leaders are being invited to reflect on these four directions and what we have heard God saying to us over this past year.

  • What assets and passions has God given you to work with?
  • What amazing things (wows!) are already happening in your congregation and

community that you can be a part of?

  • What needs do you see in your community and in the world that Godwants to use you and your congregation to meet?

“God is on the loose in our world, doing stuff in and through you, working miracles in and through your congregation,” the bishop said.  “Together, we are God’s FACE in Southeastern Pennsylvania.”

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