Prayer bracelets needed by April 30

The Discernment Team seeks to engage women, men, children, youth and young adults in a prayerful and creative process as we seek God’s direction as we select a new Bishop for our Synod.

“Come, Holy Spirit!” is the theme for this process.  We would like everyone who is interested and willing to consider creating bracelets to be worn by delegates at the Synod Assembly May 4-5 in Franconia.

These bracelets need to be sizable so that they can be tied or adjusted to fit the wrists of all people.  The bracelets can be made of beads, fabric, printed on, leather, crocheted, quilted, knitted, etc.  They should be at least 10 inches long to accommodate all sizes.

Those choosing to participate in this way should be reminded that while making these bracelets they should be praying together and/or individually that God will lead us, speak to us and give us counsel who our next Bishop will be.

It is suggested you make as many bracelets as you can.  We will need around 800 just for the Synod Assembly.  It is hoped we will have sufficient so that each delegate and visitor at the Synod Assembly will have a bracelet made with the prayers of the creators and the saying,  “Come, Holy Spirit!” printed on it.  It is also hoped that others will be made available to be taken back to each congregation as a reminder of this historic event.

Once you and/or your congregations has completed as many as God calls you to make, please package them and send them to the Synod Office NO LATER THAN APRIL 30th.

Please mark on the package, “Bracelets for the Synod Assembly.”

Send it to:  Southeastern Pennsylvania Synod, 7241 Germantown Avenue, Wiedemann Center, Philadelphia, PA  19119.  NO LATER THAN APRIL 30th.