Second Ballot for Bishop

The following individuals were on the Second Ballot conducted this afternoon. Results of the ballot will be announced this evening around 8:15 pm (times are approximate).

Patricia A. Davenport
Karl M. Richard
Carlton Rodgers
Serena S. Sellers
Bradley Burke
Charles Leonard
William A. Vanderslice
Julie Dewerth
Lamont Wells
Paul Baglyos
Carolann Hopcke
Arlene K. Greenwald
Paul E. Lutz
Karl Krueger
David Lose
David A. Genszler
Asha M. George-Guiser
Robert H. Linders
Robert E. Mitman
Andreas Wagner
Timothy Taylor
Jim Echols
Stewart Luce
Brett Wilson Davis
Erik Reimer
John Spangler
Lura Groen
Wayne Shelor
Dolores Littleton

View the Assembly Livestream to watch results.